Lots for Sale

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Lots for Sale – Pick Yours Before They’re Gone

Ceiba Beach Resort offers large lots from 0.26 – 0.35 acres. Lots range from $109,000 to $149,000 which includes 12.5 GST. Electric, water, and cable/Internet connections are ready, and construction has already begun. Estimated building costs are around $125.00 to $175.00 sq. ft. for an all concrete house.

Additional charges can result when:

  • The customer chooses their finishes and they exceed the allowance for materials or labor
  • Major changes after the initial plan is approved by the client
  • The building authority changes their requirements over time or for specific lots
  • Engineering issues for specific lots such as lots 10 and 11 may require concrete pylons

Lots 1, 2 and 3 are available to lease for commercial space and all stores will be approved as described in the Ceiba Beach covenants as stores that directly benefit Resort guests and residents (e.g. Gift shops, ice cream store, coffee shop, bakery, etc.)


Ceiba Beach Resort is a fabulous place to
relax and enjoy beach living.

To learn more about homeownership or the great rental income opportunities at Ceiba Beach Resort, please contact us today.